Brick Mallery Private Investigator : Noir Pulp Fiction Sci-Fi Humor Hard-Boiled Detective Series

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Episode 1 Part 1 : The First Episode of this Noir Detective Series Podcast Called : The Denim Cut Shiny Stainless Steel Mirrored Suit: In the first episode mysteries abound as Brick's former partner and a person from the past seeking revenge.

This is the long-lost first episode in the audio drama series about Brick Mallery, Private Investigator. In this episode Brick Mallery's old acquaintance rolls back into town with a couple of hired guns on his trail. Both men resume a case involving the pursuit of an evil criminal who is seeking revenge. An intriguing cast of characters and an abundance of action is guaranteed to captivate the listener."

Brick Mallery, Private Investigator is a surprisingly successful parody of old-time radio mysteries that proves to be surprisingly humorous. The genre is hard-boiled and the jokes bounce between laugh-out-loud humor and gags that will have you groaning ... Los Angeles Times

This Noir Pulp Sci-Fi Humor Detective Series a 100% Winner - National Surveillance Magazine

Brick Mallery, Private Investigator Winner of two consecutive Publishers Weekly "Listen Up" Awards for Dramatized Production, And Best Audio Mystery

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