Houston Texans Podcast: 2021 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Preview

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This is vacation. I have a pink aquatic bird in my cup. Sunscreen slathered across my belly. My heart merry and bright. For I have spent eighteen weeks watching every Houston Texans game, watching the condensed version, watching the Coach’s film, and writing and talking about the Houston Texans. A football team devoid of questions. A crawl through the sludge. But now we are free. We get to watch real, actual football again. The Divisional Round is the best sports weekend of the year, and will wash out the Super Wildcard Round life wasting spread. I can’t wait for it.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and his good friend Taylor, break down the Divisional Round of the 2021 NFL playoffs. Topics include: fat Tony Romo, the gang getting back together in Tennessee, Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase going sicko mode, the strange aspects of San Francisco-Green Bay that could make it uncomfortable for the Packers, why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have problems with the Los Angeles Rams, and the game of the century.

Let’s start the show.

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