Live Check in Q&A #41

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Welcome to another episode of the weekly Q&A from the community.

Questions covered below.

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  • What would you do if you urgently needed clients but don’t feel comfortable doing cold marketing / sales?
  • What are some things I can do to make good quality videos? I don’t want it to just be me stood talking in front of a camera as I’d like some visuals to help explain stuff. Don’t want to spend a ton of time editing videos so anything that’s fairly quick preferable!
  • How to market outside of a commercial gym?
  • Need to build an online platform how do I start?
  • How to deal with leads when you're full for 1:1 and they want face to face? I have a free 28 day program that I've been giving out and try get them on my socials/ email list but I feel bad that this isn't enough sometimes.
  • How to create a non-judgemental environment/a client's feeling of safety during check ins, so they tell you about weight gain/measurement increases, for example, without any fear, whilst at the same time - you as a PT you are still helping them towards their goal/not overlooking the issue and helping to guide them back on track. How do you help them get back on track/promote their confidence?
  • I find it quite hard to get online clients to record their Metrics and share them with me at times (photos / weight / measurements)
  • Even when I talk about the reasons why and how it benefits them."
  • "1) Any advice for how to best handle leads who message asking for more info?
  • 2) I am going to be renting a space off of a local football team to run my sessions. There will be mums who are interested in taking part while their kids are at training, do you have any advice on whether I should have any incentives or discounts in place for them?"
  • What are your thoughts on recording clients during the session and post on story? All the PTs at my gym do it, but I never think of it when I'm with a client. You reckon it'd be good to start doing it?
  • How do you go about building intrest on a new programme
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes you see PTs make early on in their career that could be avoided?
  • Could you extract audio from onboarding video series and trim down for podcast episodes?
  • I've got a client who's recently told me she's pregnant and 100% wants to continue sessions with me through her pregnancy. I'm not pre/post natal qualified though so wonder if I am the best person to support her through her pregnancy. I've arranged to get her on a call to discuss this and be transparent that I'm not a specialist so she can make a choice as to whether that's what she wants, or whether we bring someone else onboard to help - How else would you recommend I approach this conversation and anything you'd recommend me doing to put myself in the best position to be able to support her though this? Cheers!
  • what is a Call to action please

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