Facebook/META Sets Record for Most Investor Value Destruction in 1 Day. Why We are Bullish on Facebook/META

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Meta reported a .05% decline in Daily Active Users, and projected a 3-11% growth rate for 2022 last week. And the company's value fell by over $200B. Another record set by Facebook - lol. But not a laugh for investors.

Was this market reaction justified? This podcast delves deeper into what's happening with trends, including the rise of Tik-Tok and Snap, as well as the trend toward MetaVerse interactivity, and the likely impact on Meta's future. This podcast looks beyond users, at revenues, to see if the company is in a Growth Stall, or not, and whether a Growth Stall is likely. We dissect Meta's future through each of the 3 current platforms - Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp - looking at competition, threats to growth, and opportunities for revenue enhancements. We also look at recent news announcements pillorying Meta for harming teens, creating a platform for misinformation and insurrection, and threats of government intervention to separate the trends from the "noise" and understand the likely future scenarios. It's a great overview of the Meta situation and what you need to know as a customer, supplier, user and investor in Facebook/Meta.

Thinking points:

  • Do you know what really happened to cause Meta's deep valuation cut? Do you have a fact-based position on whether the value will recover?
  • Do you fixate on the headlines, rather than digging deep into the trends when planning?
  • Can you separate the trends, and long-term impacts, from the "noise" in your marketplace?
  • Do you have an analytical toolset for evaluating situations like what recently happened to Meta?

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