Episode 21 - Gerry Elliott - WHC and The Situation Room

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Welcome to the first show of what I can now say is a "Caesar Award Nominated" Podcast show !

Yes thanks to all you lovely people I was lucky enough to be one of those chosen to go forward in the Podcast category to the Awards Show in late March.

Thanks to everyone who nominated me, I am so pleased to have made the last 3, its a real achievement. Especially as this week the Podcast is 1 Year Old so its Happy Birthday as well.

Todays guest is one of the main proponents of the Big Game, Gerry Elliott. He was a regular the Wargames Holiday Centre meeting Peter Gilder there. As the old advert says, he liked it that much he bought the company.

Gerry was the co owner of the Holiday Centre with Mike Ingham for 17 years and we chat about his time at the centre as well as his love for the Big Game.

Following his time at WHC he built his own version, next door to the old one. But this time it was a different kettle of fish. This was no longer a commercial enterprise but a place for Gerry to game with his friends and likewise minded individuals.

Added to that he went for a different scale, 10mm !

But he didn't go small, oh no, he kept the same footprint as a 28mm unit but filled it with 10mm figures, Napoleonic units have up to 200 figures in them and the huge battles look spectacular, Gerry has over 100,000 figures and growing.

If you haven't seen Gerrys collection then have a look round the Situation Room Blog which has loads of pictures of his amazing set up.


Thanks again for listening and I will see you again next month when I hope to be speaking with Simon Miller from To the Strongest and Big Game fame.

Until then, Sithee

Regards Ken

The Yarkshire Gamer

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