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Rich Hribar and Dan Pizzuta break down NFL Free Agency so far.

They start with the Davante Adams trade. Was the trade better for the Raiders or the Packers? Did Aaron Rodgers see the trade coming? What does his new contract with the Raiders mean for the wide receiver market? What will the Packers do to replace Davante Adams?

Then they breakdown the quarterback movement.

How will trading for Russell Wilson affect the Broncos offense? Are the Broncos ready to compete in the stacked AFC West?

Then they analyze the Colts trading Carson Wentz to the Commanders. Is this a step up for Washington? Is it an upgrade at all?

Then they speculate as to whether Matt Ryan or Baker Mayfield will be traded and which teams may be in the market for them. Could the Browns or Falcons win the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes? Could the Colts trade for Matt Ryan? Could Baker Mayfield revive his career on a team like the Seahawks?

Then they move into some of the other wide receiver movement like Allen Robinson to the Rams. Chris Godwin and Mike Williams each signed a new contract with the Bucs and Chargers and Amari Cooper was traded to the Browns. Do the Rams have too many good receivers?

They also break down some under the radar big signings like Russell Gage to the Bucs and Cedrick Wilson to the Dolphins.

What do the Kahlil Mack trade and JC Jackson signing mean for the Chargers? How good will the Chargers defense be this year?

Why are the Patriots getting rid of so many players? What is Bill Belichick’s master plan?

What are the Jaguars doing? Will it work out for them this time after signing Christian Kirk?

How is Von Miller going to help the Bills defense? Does it make sense for the Bills to also bring in Saquon Barkley after getting OJ Howard?

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