How Biden And Other Politicians Could Launder Money Using OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation)

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The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), now the DFC, was a U.S. development finance institution. This government agency assisted private businesses that wanted to invest abroad. OPIC also offers political risk insurance for private businesses and equity funds, such as Hunter Biden's Rosemont Seneca, to pursue a business interest in countries that have turmoil like Ukraine. Insurance is a widely used tool for money laundering, and insuring businesses for losses due to political factors, in countries that already have political conflicts, is an easy way to guarantee revenue, avoid taxes, and hide the connections a business may have to U.S elected officials. We also discuss the hypocrisy of wealthy people saying they need to pay more in taxes. Why not pay the full amount of taxes on your income instead of taking any deductions? Below are links for information on OPIC, OPIC funding, and OPIC insurance. It is easy to see how this is abused by politicians and their friends and family. #HunterBiden #JoeBiden #OPIC #RosemontSeneca #Ukraine #Russia #WWIII #China

OPIC Explained:

OPIC in-depth along with senate conversations:

Rosemont Seneca Statements for Devon Archer showing OPIC conflicts and involvement with Hunter Biden:

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