#163. Shannon Kaiser on Finding Inner Peace

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Shannon Kaiser is the bestselling author of five books on happiness and fulfillment, including the #1 bestseller, The Self-Love Experiment, and Adventures for Your Soul, Find Your Happy and Find Your Happy Daily Mantras, Joy Seeker and newest book Return to You: 11 Spiritual Lessons for Unshakable Inner Peace. She’s been named “Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness,” by MindBodyGreen and “One of the freshest voices in mental health and wellness,” by Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul.

Everything Shannon does is to help people connect to their true self and unapologetically live their authentic purpose.

Shannon is a personal mentor to host Kate. In this episode, Kate shares her insights from having worked with Shannon for years, as well as what she has noted about Shannon's evolution as a teacher.

They dive into many lessons and thoughts, including:

  • How Shannon ultimately overcame unexpected anxiety and panic attacks
  • The Age of Aquarius and what it means for our growing intuition
  • How we all have differing ways to connect with our intuition, and what those types are
  • The power in looking at your life journey through the metaphor of seasons
  • And how important authenticity is on our journeys

We highlight the 11 Spiritual Lessons that make up the chapters of her forthcoming book: Return to You: 11 Spiritual Lessons for Unshakeable Inner Peace.

For a summary they are:

  1. You Are in a School Called Planet Earth
  2. Your Soul Has Seasons
  3. If You Don't Go Within, You'll Go Without
  4. Faith is Freedom From Fear
  5. Your Beliefs Create Your Reality
  6. Everyone is On Their Own Journey
  7. Your Purpose is Personal Expansion
  8. In Order to Receive, You Must Release
  9. The Universe Rewards Motion
  10. Nothing Real Can Be Threatened
  11. Love Is All There Is

To learn more about Shannon Kaiser, you can head to hear website at >> www.playwiththeworld.com

To order a copy of her new book Return to You head here >> Return to You Amazon

And to order the accompanying Unshakeable Inner Peace Oracle Cards, head here >> Unshakeable Inner Peace Deck Amazon

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