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Rich Hribar and Dan Pizzuta Preview the draft strariges of the Panthers, Falcons, Bears, Texans, Giants, Jets, Eagles, Bills and Rams

Panthers Draft Preview

First they analyze the panthers draft strategy. Are they just waiting to trade back in the draft? Will the Panthers trade for Jimmy Garoppolo?

What are the Falcons doing?

Rich and dan ponder the age old question, What are the Falcons doing? They breakdown the Falcons rebuild options.

Bears Draft Preview

With a lack of picks, how should the Bears approach the 2022 NFL Draft? Should they build around Justin Fields?

Texans Draft Preview

The Texans are deep at every position but not particularly good at any of them. They don’t have a single piece to build around. Can they find some talent in this draft with two first round picks to start a rebuild?

Giants and Jets Draft Preview

The Giants are ready to dump their big contracts and build through the draft. Which positions dot he Jets need to focus on in the NFL Draft? Are they sticking with Zach Wilson?

Eagles Draft Preview

The Eagles are relatively sound across the board sow hat will they use their two first round picks on?

Bills Draft Preview

Will the Bills draft Breece Hall? Does he fit their team at all? Should teams use a first round pick on a running back? Dan thinks they could use a CB or EDGE instead.

How to use the 5th year option

Rich explains how teams should approach the 5th year option at different positions like QB and WR.

Rams Draft Preview

The Rams have eight picks in 2022 albeit late picks. Ut the Super Bowl Champs needs to build depth. They can’t just give big contracts to every free agent like Tyrann Mathieu. Dan explains why they have done so well in the draft at replacing the pieces they lose. When is the Rams next first round pick?

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