There Is No Substitute

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PorscheCooled is back. In today’s Podcast Michael chats with Marco about all things Porsche. You guys would have heard Marco’s name thrown about in a lot of previous episodes. Marco owns a very cool Speed Yellow 996 Turbo and has stepped up to co-host with Michael today. So, where’s Steve? That’s what everyone wants to know. Michael explains.

After an update, Michael thinks the new 992 911 Sport Classic may be the perfect Turbo, Marco likes how it’s a Turbo and RWD. Then there is the recently launched GT4 RS - Michael and Marco wouldn’t say no, and honestly who could not love that sound. Marco reckons Porsche have given the Cayman fans what they wanted. Michael talks watches for a bit and shows off his pronunciation skills with JLC.

‘There is no substitute’ – at first it's not clear whether Michael is just talking about Porsches, Marco, or other Podcasts. Of course, he is referencing Porsche’s heritage. Michael and Marco share their thoughts on Porsche’s mantra. Marco talks about his new car acquisitions (which are not Porsches) and his lifelong love of the VW Beetle.

Welcome back to PorscheCooled.

Michael (@michael.bath) owns a first generation 997 Carrera, comes from Australia and currently resides in Bahrain. Steve (@gtst3ve) is a Porsche owner and enthusiast from Sydney, Australia.

This podcast is part of a series with Steve where two mates chat about all things Porsche. Thanks for listening.

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