Knowledge Counts: The role of a Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) on P3 projects

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During this episode of Knowledge Counts, Wendy and her guest, Michael Gabert will discuss the role of a Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) on P3 projects. Although P3 projects have been used globally for decades, it is only in the last 10 years or so that P3 projects have become common-place in Canada. A P3 project is different from a traditional procurement process as it integrates every aspect of the project into one contract for public infrastructure project such as roads, bridges, hospitals, event stadiums, highways, schools and bridges. These projects could require that the architect, builder, lender and operations team all work together throughout the life cycle of the project. Michael Gabert, Director, Cost Management Services at BTY talks about the various roles a PQS can have on these projects throughout its life cycle. • Host: Wendy Hobbs, PQS(F) • Producer: Ryan Schriml • Guests: Michael Gabert, PQS(F) About Our Guest: Michael is the Director for BTY’s Prairies region specializing in Lender’s Technical Advisory, Independent Certification, Payment Certification and Cost Management services for Public Authorities, Owners, Developers, Architects and Financial Institutions. His experience encompasses independent costing, compliance review, preparation and certification of Substantial and Total Completion on major projects. He has worked in a wide variety of project sectors including airports, health care centers, waste water treatment plants, highway and bridge projects. For complete show notes, go to

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