Brainfood Live On Air - Ep154 - Strategic Workforce Planning

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Solving Recruitment: Strategic Workforce Planning

Don't you feel that recruitment is generally moving from one crisis to another? It seems there is NEVER a moment when recruitment is steady, under control, low stress, high confidence project. Instead, it's a fire that we need to put out yesterday. Why is this - why can we not plan our hiring in more strategic way?

You will learn

- What is strategic workforce planning

- Why does it not happen enough?

- Key blockers to implementing strategic workforce planning

- What is the role of TA vs HR in planning hiring?

- How to build better relationships with stakeholders in hiring

- What technologies support SWP?

- How can ATS / HRIS data be used to support better planning

- How do we know it is working, if we feel we have implemented SWP?

All this and more as we tackle the lack of planning in hiring. With Perry Timms, Founder (People & Transformational HR), CJ Green, Founder (Brave Goose) & Danny Hodgson, CEO (Foresight)

Ep154 is sponsored by Tribepad

The current approach to ED&I isn't working. In fact, not only is their scepticism and levels of mistrust from candidates around data collection, but 80% feel processes would be fairer if recruitment simply remained anonymous. And they might be right.

It's time that we stopped seeing ED&I as a tick box exercise, and start putting vital data to good use.

Download the latest 'Stop the Bias' report today. Understand why candidates believe that their prospects are being harmed, and their data isn't being used to benefit their applications.

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