Episode 52: Onderon Arc, Part 2

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They never said revolution would be easy. In the final half of the Onderon Arc (The Clone Wars 5.4–5, “The Soft War” and “Tipping Points”) we see that Onderon’s rebels are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to throw off Separatist rule.

In our recap, we talk about the rightful king, Dendup, and why he’s the worst. (Steela Gerrera 4 Queen of Onderon.) We figure out how you can successfully make a gambit for neutrality between the Republic and Separatists — another reason why Dendup is the worst. And we talk about Ahsoka’s radicalizing moment, where she sees the Jedi Council do so little to stop the wasting of lives for a good cause.

Don’t worry. There are laughs, too, because HONDO OHNAKA is there and he’s doing the most.

Next week, we’re beginning the wholesome goodness of the Ahsoka and Younglings arc (The Clone Wars 5.6–7, “The Gathering” and “A Test of Strength”).

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