Love From The Hyp 05 - 18 - 22 Spiritual Nutrition Counselor And Author

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Spiritual Nutrition Counselor and Author, Marcela Tobal Benson joins us for another Love From The Hyp. Marcela will share wisdom from her new beautiful book, Love, Peace, and Vegetables-Recipes for Conscious Living, including how Live Food, Alkalinizing Nutrition, & Alchemy of Water can benefit your overall health and well-being. How conscious eating can also assist in better digestion, food absorption, and better mental health, and how it all begins with self-love. Plus, Marcela will share her own struggles with obesity at a young age, and the issues she overcame. She will also talk about her mentors, Indra Devi and Dr Gabriel Cousens, who helped her to create a spiritual relationship with food before the concept was widely known, and inspired her to counsel and teach others. So tune in for this enlightening interview!

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