Goldray & The Touring Mind - Psychedelia & The Psychology of Performing on Tour

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Today our tour takes us into the minds of psychedelic rock band Goldray

The creative playground for singer Leah Rasmussen and former Reef guitarist Kenwyn House

As always I’m Dr Arun Castro your Roadie Medic

We’ll be talking about psychedelia and delving into the mind of the touring artist

If you're fans of Reef, curious about life on tour, or if you like your prog. and psychedelic rock then the next 30 minutes is for you!

Goldray’s new album- FEEL THE CHANGE is out JULY 31st

Pre-order yours at


Instagram: goldrayband @Goldrayband

Let’s talk about the music that for a moment, allowing us to separate of ego from self -

This is Goldray & Psychedelic Rock on the Roadie Medic Podcast

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