The Master Plan Part 2!

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Welcome back to Part 2 of the Master Plan where we start right where we left off! WOOMPF, there it is!!! (Ben's inauguration song) Our amazing friend April Eden comes back (aka Trish) and she gave us some AMAZING details on what it was like to be on set that day - ALSO CONGRATS ON BEING A NASA AMBASSADOR YAY! Then, Andy and April and Ann have an accidental love triangle moment (and Jean Ralphio wedges his way in somehow....) plus Leslie and Ann get super drunk and we see the budding of a new friendship/professional workplace proximity associates in Leslie and Ben! Yay!
Please follow Fancy Peasant to buy some amazing olive oil! Anastacia Ganias is the owner/founder of this company and she was in some incredible deleted scenes with Tom. (Which you'll hear on this episode of the pod)
Have a great week!
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