2.Jesu Christe Crucifixe

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The Corda Pia is a centuries-old sung devotion, unique to the Conventual Franciscan Order. Its earliest attestation is the 16th century, though it could be older. During the COVID lockdown, there was a craze of choirs on the internet formed of disparate individuals in different locations weaving their voices together through technology. Friar Peter Flynn had the idea of doing something like this of friars singing the Corda Pia, and Friars Andrew Hochstedler and Antonio Moualeu were on-board. This was recorded in 2020. At last, as happier times prevail and choirs are able to sing together in person, this project of ours has resurfaced - Hope you enjoy listening. For more info about the Corda Pia, please visit FranciscanVoice.org

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