College Football Team Win Totals Betting Preview with guest Harold Shelton III | Sharp Betting Show

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Ryan McCrystal previews college football team win totals for 2022 with Harold Shelton III research manager at the BIG 10 Network

They preview the win totals for:

Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson, Oklahoma, Virginia, LSU, Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, Michigan, NC State, Michigan State, Purdue, Arizona State, Nebraska, Stanford, Georgia Tech

Of Alabama, Ohio State and Georgia who will go over and who will go under their 10.5 win total? How will losing Chris Olave hurt Ohio State? Will Georgia have a title hangover? Is it time to bet against Nick Saban? They analyze strength of schedules, offseason losses and additions & more to make their decisions.

Over/ Under for Clemson (10.5), Oklahoma (8.5) or Virginia (7.5)? How will losing Lincoln Riley and adding Brent Venables effect Oklahoma? Which team has the best quarterback? How will the ACC pan out? How will Clemson’s offense look?

Over/ Under LSU (6.5) and Notre Dame (8.5)? In the Brian Kelly section of the show, they talk about which team can out perform their win total. Can Jayden Daniels carry LSU to at least 7 wins? How much of a step back will Notre Dame take after losing their head coach?

Over/ Under 6.5 wins for Florida and Florida State? Could this come down to a head-to-head matchup at the end of the year? Can Billy Napier coach his team to 7 wins? What is Anthony Richardson?

Which teams can win 10 or more games? Excluding Alabama, OSU and Georgia, they debate which teams in the NCAA can win over 10 games. Who is a safe bet and who is a long shot (+500 or more)?

Which teams with coaches on the hot seat will go over or under their win totals: Scott Frost at Nebraska (7.5), David Shaw at Stanford (4.5) Geoff Collins at Georgia Tech (4.5) and Herm Edwards at Arizona State (5.5)? Who can hit the average mark?

Who is more likely to go over their win total? Michigan State at 7.5 wins or Michigan at 9.5 wins?

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