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Dr. Sylvia Kalicinski is a Ph.D. level therapist and writer who loves teaching simple strategies backed by brain science and mindfulness. She simplifies brain health, therapy, and coaching while adding a dash of spirituality to help people better understand themselves. Her education encompasses a broad approach to better understanding the impacts of loneliness, unhealed childhood trauma, and the mind-body connection. Her techniques, such as the B.O.D.Y. skill helps clients better manage stress and live a more fulfilling and confident life. Dr. Sylvia has worked with all kinds of people from celebrities to your next-door neighbor...women, men, and teens who’ve felt anxious, lonely, and stuck. Dr. Sylvia wants to show her client’s what’s truly possible so that they can move past self-limiting beliefs and step towards the direction of healing, purpose, and confidence. Sylvia’s experience as a therapist and former lead behavioral health clinician at Mount Sinai Hospital strengthens her ability to connect with people and empathically listen to their narratives. Dr. Sylvia K’s techniques, such as 90 Seconds to Calm, helps people better manage the impact that stress, trauma, and loneliness can have in our lives. Throughout her podcast, The Dr. Sylvia K Show, she is passionate about sharing human stories that inspire connection, growth, and true change. As a child of immigrant parents who experienced their own mental health issues, Dr. Sylvia understands the uniqueness of each family’s story and the adversities that so many of us face while living in America. Even though loneliness is a personal topic - it’s widely universal.

Sylvia is doing last revise on her book Lonely AF. The moment Dr. Sylvia committed to writing a book about loneliness, she immediately looked like the blonde facepalm emoji. Why would she want to write about her biggest pain point? Dr. Sylvia admits that she spent the majority of her life feeling Lonely AF. However, her book is not about going backwards or staying stuck in the problem. Lonely AF sits at the solution end of loneliness where Dr. Sylvia blends her working knowledge of the complexity of loneliness with her personal lived experiences. Because what is personal is most often universal. Look for her LONELY AF Challenge via her Instagram and website. Sylvia holds a B.S. in Radio Television and Film from The University of Texas at Austin, a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from PacificaGraduate Institute, and a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. To find out more about Dr. Sylvia K, watch her IG reels, join her #lonelyafchallenge on Instagram @drsylviak, or listen to her podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify: The Dr. Sylvia K Show.

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