Logan Paul Roasts Mayweather & Toasts KSI

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Akaash is on vacation, so Logan Paul stopped by the studio with Prime in hand to get Schulz high AGAIN. Let's Get Paranoid. TIME CODES 00:00 - LOGAN ROASTS 05:00 - Fight with Mayweather 11:35 - Beef with Dillon Danis 23:48 - Logan’s Greatest Hook up? 29:51 - Logan Paul running for President? 47:42 - Logan on Liam Payne Interview 56:18 - Logan Roasts Schulz 1:05:19 - The boys light it up: UF0’s and fIat earth 1:17:37 - CHAOS 1:24:41 - Logan Reacts to “It’s every day bro” 1:32:35 - How Logan & Jake Paul Squashed Their beef 1:44:23 - Logan Paul on crypto 1:47:20 - Logan Paul On Joe Rogan 1:57:46 - Goals after fighting Mayweather 2:07:20 - Mike Horn is the ultimate SURVIVALIST 2:14:16 - Manager Jeff CALLS IN 2:25:00 - Logan Paul Nerds on Pokemon Cards 2:28:45 - LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM! 2:37:10 - Logan Paul: KSI Saved My Career 2:51:45 - Tim Robinson: I think you should leave 3:01:07 - Landing The plane: Russell Brand & Crazy Theories

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