In Depp, Bourbon, & Strudels - Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic

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We have arrived in mid-June. Summer is still working its way closer and closer as the weather ever so slowly drifts into the realm of decency. We hope it doesn't deprove! In this episode we talk about the famous Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp case that has finally concluded in favor of Mr. Depp, the home remedy of taking a shot of bourbon to cure your ailments, the adventures to all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants resulting in our stomachs filling up like balloons, and more!

Join us in our discussion! How is your month of June going so far? Are you excited for the weather to become even warmer? What are your feelings and opinions about the famous Heard vs. Depp case and its outcome? Do you have any home remedies that involve ingesting alcohol? How much sushi can you ingest in one sitting? Let us know everything!

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