Leadership - Special Ops Operator Brent Gleeson

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Brent Gleeson is an award-winning entrepreneur, 2x bestselling author of TakingPoint and Embrace the Suck, globally renowned keynote speaker, and the CEO of TakingPoint Leadership. The mission of TakingPoint is to equip committed teams with the leadership tools and development necessary for navigating change and growth with military precision. TPL is honored to work with organizations such as Bank of America, Google, NFL, Wells Fargo, Delta Airlines, and many more. Gleeson has built several high growth companies that hit the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies for seven years in a row. As a Navy SEAL combat veteran, he has applied the leadership, mindset, behavior, and culture principles from the world of special operations to partnering with organizations across the globe in improving leadership, performance, and the ability to lead change successfully. Gleeson holds undergraduate degrees in finance and economic from Southern Methodist University, certificates in English Literature and Criminal Justice from Oxford University, and a business masters degree from the University of San Diego. He was names a top 10 CEO by Entrepreneur Magazine. Learn more at www.TakingPointLeadership.com

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