Practice Being Satisfied | The Sangha US #41 | 6.4.22

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The Sangha discuss wholesome thoughts and emptiness, the value of interactive communication, the qualities of the jhānas, and learning to live by the law of nature in friendship and satisfaction. #friendship #jhana #enlightenment

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00:00:00 Investigating thoughts and feelings; anxiety as a concept; having wholesome thoughts and feelings 00:07:17 Wholesomeness, emptiness, and happiness; is this dukkha or dukkha-nirodha? 00:14:38 Emptiness all the way; the Tathāgatha 00:19:32 Gladdening the mind and Sangha; communication-intensive media; meditation competition 00:24:52 Insights come through conversation 00:26:46 The Alex Channel; the need for live dialogue; there is a path and a method 00:30:54 Improvisation and the Dhamma; the natural method and the organised method 00:35:00 First jhāna is everyday; byproducts of being satisfied; second, third, and fourth jhāna; arūpa jhānas 00:49:23 Empty thoughts; living by the law of nature; fear; self-preservation; existential threats 00:59:39 The Buddha was a homeless person who learned how to feel good 01:01:01 There’s nothing magical about satisfaction; friendship is the path

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