067 The Importance of a Workplace Culture for Cohesive Teams with Gabe Hoover

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The majority of people are not happy in their jobs which can be the result of a number of reasons. One most likely reason is due to the work environment or the company's culture.

If one doesn't feel valued and moves along with the progress and success of the company, they can feel alienated. This feeling can occur at any level from employees to executives. It's the executives as leaders that create the unity and inspiration for a cohesive team.

Our guest Gabe Hoover integrates his strategies into businesses to develop a culture that keeps people productive, loving their company and their job and overcoming the invisible boundary.

This is important for employee retention and saving companies vast amounts of money.

Gabe shares some of his thoughts on how a company can achieve this.


Millennial Professional Service Business leaders hire Gabe to build a transformative culture in their organization because most earn leadership roles based on the fact that they were the best at their old job. On the other hand, the persons who have been there the longest can be under performers with surging frustration leading to massive turnover.

So, Gabe helps businesses put their leaders in a position of their own strengths, create transparent communication strategies, and organize their collective talents in formats to create massive leverage in their markets, retaining the team members that they love! Bottom line, in as little as 120 days he can turn your revolving door into a brick wall, creating a place that no one wants to leave!

CONTACT: gabe.hoover62@gmail.com Calendly - https://calendly.com/gabe-hoover/15min LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabe-hoover/

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