Easy Way To Create a dictionary in C++

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This podcast will introduce how to create a dictionary in C++.
Using the Initialization List Builder to create a dictionary in C++
In the C++ standard wrapper library, a dictionary is called std::map, which implements ordered key-value pairs with unique keys. Operations on elements map such as find, remove, and insert pairs have logarithmic complexity. This method uses square brackets to initialize the object map with literal values. Notice that each pair of elements is separated by a comma, as shown in the following code example.
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Use Default Constructor to create a dictionary in C++
Alternatively, we can declare an object of type map with given parameters and then initialize each key-value pair using a separate declaration. In this example, we demonstrate a map with keys of int and the values ​​of string-s. We can always put these statements in the loop or take values ​​from user input, whichever would be better suited to a real-world application scenario.
Use the Constructor copy to create a dictionary in C++
Another solution to create a new object map is to use a constructor copy, which takes another existing variable map as an argument and copies the key-value pairs to the newly initialized object. Note that this method does not move the map existing object and can be reused later during program execution.
Use the Range-Based Constructor to create a dictionary in C++
The scope-based constructor is another alternative to the above methods. This solution can be used to initialize a new variable map with the key-value pairs of the subset of some map existing object. In this example, we use the method find to specify the first key-value pair in the range. Therefore, a new variable map2contains pairs starting from the key value 2to the last element of the object map1.
For More Information - https://ittutoria.net/how-to-create-a-dictionary-in-cpp/

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