What Does the Future Hold for the Independent Mechanic?

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Remember when you could open the hood and understand what was happening in a vehicle’s engine bay? Back then, even those with mild technical abilities and a set of tools could tackle about 65% of automotive jobs. Nowadays, that’s simply not the case. Over the last three decades automotive technology has advanced to a level whereby most home, and in some cases, independent technicians, can no longer work on vehicles as the cost of diagnostic technology required to fix them has become exorbitantly expensive.

On this episode of the Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ, Mike Musto sits down with Hemmings own Terry McGean and Mike Austin to discuss what the future holds for the backyard mechanic, neighborhood parts stores, as well as those privately owned shops that are becoming harder and hard to find. This was a great discussion that will make you think, and its one that we hope you’ll enjoy.

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