Couch Convos: Using Microsoft Teams as a Platform

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In this episode of Couch Convos: Biz and Tech Talks, we discuss the various uses of Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool and learn how businesses can use it as a full digital hub for remote and hybrid employees.

The business world initially warmly welcomed Microsoft Teams due to its strong integration of chats, calls and collaboration. The subsequent pandemic and virtualization of many work environments led to an explosion of growth, and with that came many new ideas about how to use it.

For those of us who may have seen Teams as a user-friendly skin on top of SharePoint, boy, is there more to learn! In this discussion, we talk to our Modern Workplace Co-Lead Michael McNett about how companies can use Microsoft Teams as a platform to enable other workflow, documentation standards and business processes. McNett also shares how your organization’s IT department can enable options for expansion.

Beyond the basics, there’re also the exciting new integration capabilities of Microsoft Viva. McNett runs through the capabilities of Viva. For instance, if you hadn’t noticed Viva besides its replacement for Cortana’s daily digest, you may be surprised how much you already use this tool. Surprised or not, there are even more functions you can use.

Join us for this podcast on Microsoft Teams as a platform and get your creative, collaboration juices flowing.

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