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Imagine walking through 1st Thessalonians in 7 minute segments of consideration.
Imagine 26 thoughts of summary that put the whole arc together.
Imagine this as its' own 7 minute episode.
Imagine that the link is right here for you to click on and be encouraged.
Imagine no further! 1 Thessalonians is summarized right here for all of us. If you are new to the podcast, then consider starting with Season 8, Episode 1 to walk and work your way through the book.
Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening. Thank you for all the hard work of believing and doing that is Christianity. Like Paul to the Thessalonians, "I love you guys! Keep going!"
Subscribe at Bewithme.us or bewithme.us@gmail.com. The podcast is available for free subscription on every podcast provider. Yes, we just give this stuff away.

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