Tomas Petricek: Cultures of Programming - Episode 200

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Tomas Petricek is a lecturer at the University of Kent and a partner at fsharpWorks. He believes that the most fundamental work is not the one solving hard problems, but the one that offers new ways of thinking. He follows this belief in his academic research on programming systems and the history and philosophy of computing, but also in his writing on functional programming and in his F# training and consulting.

Before joining Kent, Tomas did a Ph.D. on context-aware computations at the University of Cambridge, worked on F# tools in Microsoft Research, and built novel tools for data exploration at The Alan Turing Institute.

Topics of Discussion:

[4:19] The Turing Institute, and a little bit more about Alan Turing.

[6:01] How can we distill 70 years into something understandable in a reasonable period?

[8:52] What were the early cultures of programming?

[14:00] Fortran programming and how ALGOL was designed by a sort of more academic crowd as a universal programming language.

[15:00] We hear some well wishes from listeners and past guests for the 200th episode! Thank you!

[21:27] Tomas discusses hacker culture and how the term programmer has changed over the years.

[26:06] Tomas’s prediction on where the culture of programming is going next.

[27:03] The amazing ad for a programming system called Flow-Matic.

[29:22] Why we need escape hatches is because there is a fundamental flaw with no-code and low-code approaches.

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