258 How Four Burner Technologies is disrupting the 3rd Party Delivery (3PD) industry!

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Born in Austin, Texas, FourBurner Technologies was initially developed within Murphy Adams Restaurant Group (MARG) to substantially lower operating costs through scale and technology. Our main focus is disrupting the 3rd Party Delivery (3PD) industry with a far more sustainable and profitable business model for both Restaurants and Consumers.

FourBurner’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, OrderB4, will be the preferred partner for restaurants and consumers because of price, quality of service, food safety, and data visibility. Simply put, we give power and control back to restaurants so they can manage the entire order and delivery process from end to end. This allows for a better consumer experience, lowers overall costs while maximizing kitchen efficiency.

With OrderB4, restaurants can now engage directly with full transparency to their own customers, building lasting relationships while strengthening their brand in the process. No longer will any restaurant need to rely on the broken economics of the 3rd Party Delivery platforms!

The OrderB4 model ramps consumer end users much faster and less costly because our end-to-end solution lives where the consumer already exists – at local restaurant websites. We partner with restaurants to help them grow and succeed in an increasingly complex digital world. As our part

We do this by partnering with restaurant operators on a better process and financial choice for delivery, giving us our unfair advantage over competitors with regards to Customer Acquisition Cost and better feature set for both restaurants and end consumers.

Our management team has personally experienced and operated in the existing environment that needs a more sustainable business model for order & delivery, and we have an experienced tech team leading development. Even though technically a startup, FourBurner has less risk because of existing revenue, a very large pipeline and a model that increases in demand if/when the economy slows down.

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