#98: Men’s Body Image and Intuitive Eating with Aaron Flores

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Aaron Flores is a registered dietician nutritionist, Certified Body Trust® provider, and his main areas of focus are Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size®.

On the podcast, Aaron shares his perspective on men’s body image and their unique and often not-so-unique challenges around healing from diet culture and practicing intuitive eating.

Aaron shares what toxic masculinity looks like, how often men suffer in silence with their eating disorder because they believe they don’t deserve help.

He also shares how self-compassion can often be interpreted as giving up and the challenges men have with connecting to their bodies.

Learn more about Aaron here.

Aaron was recently a guest on Dan Harris' 10% Happier Podcast.

Episode 441: What Men Don't Talk About

Connect with Aaron on Instagram-

Connect with Aaron on Instagram.

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