How To Talk To Teens: When you get a call from the school principal, and it isn't great news - A Coaching Transcript

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Hi, my name is Selena, and I'm a mother of teenagers.

Sometimes they get into trouble at school, which can be challenging, but in this podcast, you will see how our in-house expert Maryanne helped me through one such scenario with her real-life coaching techniques.

We explore what worked well and areas for improvement & fingers crossed - we're going to change some behaviour for both my son and myself.


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Unlocking the 5 Secret Keys To Their Emotional Needs

Based on neuroscience, there are 5 ‘Secret Keys’ to the teenage brain.

As parents, we can unintentionally trigger any one of these keys in an instant.

Which can lead to disgruntled teens … and frustrated parents.

This book provides parents with a roadmap for navigating conversations.

Because with the right information, you can work with your teen's brain instead of against it and find resolution fast.

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