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Episode 161 is about how to unlock your money making skills, featuring Dulce Toscano! Listen in now!

Dulce Toscano helps creative entrepreneurs pivot online, take their businesses to new heights and sky-rocket their sales with organic marketing strategies. When the pandemic shook up our world, she took all her knowledge about organic marketing to create her signature program, Pivoting Digital®. The aim is to provide entrepreneurs with skills that move with the times and provides tangible results, by creating successful and sustainable digital offerings that they can scale organically. The result? 6 figures in less than 6 months and a multiple six figure business in 2020. In 2021, Dulce has now became a full time Digital Nomad, traveling the world while continuing to grow and scale her online coaching business.

It was never the plan to become an entrepreneur. As the daughter of a single immigrant mother and 1st Gen, Dulce was on a mission to have a successful career. She always imagined herself climbing the corporate ladder, which is where she started. Dulce was often the youngest and one of the only people of color in senior leadership, navigating the corporate landscape.

Now, as a First Generation Latina entrepreneur and most recently a global nomad, she wants to be an inspiration to other women of color and daughters of immigrants, and show them that they CAN build generational wealth and impact millions of lives!

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