Tommy Lee Williams

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Episode 55 Tommy Lee Williams
26 Year-Old Tommy Lee Williams went missing in Rochester, New York in early February, 2022 and has not been seen since. The last time he was seen was on surveillance video from outside a convenience store. He had an interaction with someone in a vehicle and then walked out of sight and vanished. Tommy's mom, Joyce Williams, fears that Tommy met with foul play, and would never have left on his own especially because he had a young son whow was about to celebrate a birthday. Joyce was worried after learning that Tommy was afraid of some men that wanted to beat him up. She's desperate to find answers, even going as far as to interact with psychics in an attempt to find her son. Joyce discusses her efforts to find Tommy in this episode.
Tommy Lee Williams is described as 5’9” 180 pounds with a face tattoo near his left eye. Police say he was last seen wearing a red and blue Nike hooded swearshirt with a florescent orange winter hat.
If you have information about the case, you are asked to call the Rochester PD at 585-428-6720. You can also contact Tommy's mom Joyce directly. She has a hotline set up at 585-210-0620
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