Episode 38: Grisly Trophies

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Welcome back to Realspace Raiders, the Drukhari podcast! We are an alliance of Archons all hailing from the UK and cover everything from matched play and the competitive meta, painting and hobby discussions, background and lore and much, much more!
The new Nephilim season is upon us as well as many recent changes which shake up the meta, join the Archons as they react to each change - how do Drukhari play with the CP changes? What impact did the change of secondaries have on the Dark Eldar and how can you build your army to make the most of them? All these questions and more answered!
The Archons discuss the latest points drops and whether Wyches are worth it now and what place they may have in the new meta. The Tantalus is up for discussion after another sizeable drop (recorded pre Nick Nanavati's Triple Tantalus!) and why we were all a little sad that the Clawed Fiend meta was fake news.
King George takes his crown back as he breaks down his latest event which he emerged from with multiple trophies. Game by game analysis!
Paulie returns to Warhammer World for the first with his Corsair Voidscarred for a Kill Team event and emerges with a trophy.
Completing the grisly trophies, Dom takes part in a doubles event as he returns to Drukhari life with a Wrack horde and Incubi list alongside Harlequins.
Finally, we all lament the latest Drukhari errata as Coteries becomes redundant as a competitive choice...
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