2.5 Hour Marathon of Strange & Unexplained Encounters in the Woods | Volumes 16-20

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► Welcome to the 2.5+ Hour Marathon of Strange and Unexplained Encounter Stories Volumes 16-20. Steve Stockton narrates Strange Stories and Unexplained Encounters with Cryptids and the Paranormal. The stories in this video/series are mysterious and deeply disturbing! They are told as they were sent to us. These stories are the true stories from others who claim to have witnessed something that can not be explained. Ready to travel down this rabbit hole? These individuals were brave enough to come forward and share their encounters with the rest of us so please be respectful in the comment section! Remember there are things in this world that have yet to be explained... so keep an open mind when listening to these stories.
📌 If you have a case you would like to see featured on the channel OR If you have a Paranormal Story or Cryptid Encounter Story you would like to see featured on the channel please email us at:

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