The Breakdown - Episode 4.32 - Dr. Robert Ascah and a PST for Alberta!

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Dr. Robert Ascah has a stunning amount of experience in Economics and Public Policy. Holding multiple degrees, experience as the director of The Institute for Public Economics at the U of A and someone who oversaw the transition of ATB into a provincial corporation, her brings a staggering amount of experience and knowledge to the table. As someone who has worked in both the public and private sector he has seen firsthand how ALberta’s economy functions, and he graciously joins us to discuss not only his position that despite the contention of multiple UCP candidates, Alberta does need a PST. As always, if you appreciate the kind of content that we’re trying to produce here at The Breakdown, please consider signing up as a monthly supporter at our patreon site at, and if you’re listening to the audio version of our podcast, please consider leaving us a review and a rating and don’t forget to like and follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram all at @thebreakdownab.

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