The Nuts & Bolts of Leading Your Classroom Team

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Teachers struggle a LOT with building and leading their classroom team. I want to structure this month’s podcasts around helping you do both because even if you’re just out of school and surrounded by paraprofessionals with three times as much experience, you need to take the lead. So today, I start with a discussion of the nuts and bolts of building the structure with a classroom staff so they can work as a team.

1:48​ - Why leadership isn’t some big, scary thing

3:55 - An overview of the first part of the structure you’ll need: the classroom zoning plan

6:20 - What a zoning plan doesn’t include and the key to making it work

8:00 - The purpose of the lesson plan and setting up the vision for your classroom

10:50 - What to keep in mind as you build the classroom structure with your staff

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