Mapping how businesses buy software

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In this episode, Carl Ferreira (VP Sales, Refine Labs) and Yaag discuss how businesses buy software, how sales reps and the entire buying experience needs to adapt according to buyers in different maturity stages, and a lot more. ➡️ Key Points⁣ covered 00:00 - Intro 01:35 - Questions to ask yourself before you are ready to invest on a SaaS tool 03:57 - What makes or breaks the buying experience 06:30 - The need to understand the buyer's maturity stage 08:05 - How to design a relevant inbound buying experience 12:18 - What makes someone shortlist a software among the choices available 15:06 - Little annoyances build up and compound as a bad buying experience 19:30 - Why it makes a lot of sense to give a glimpse of the product during discovery 21:20 - The stage that a seller thinks a buyer is in, and what the buyer thinks is usually different 25:24 - How you sell is how you win 28:30 - Tackling competitive positioning with proof 30:49 - Key pillars of a buyer experience ➡️ The Modern SaaS Podcast Take a look at our other podcast episodes - ➡️ Related resource

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