#2: Buildup, Defensive Breakdowns, and Midfield Problems and Solutions

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New manager, new system, same players. Episode 2 of Devils in the Details is a thorough deep dive into the Brighton game, particularly in buildup and defensive transitions, and a look at in-house and on-the-market solutions to the personnel issues. Topics: A new buildup scheme (1:30), David de Gea (3:02), Midfield on the ball (6:30), Ronaldo’s presence (22:50), Marcus Rashford (27:00), Suboptimal Shooting (28:10), Midfield in defensive transition (29:35), United’s Pressing (34:30), The back four (36:50), What could Frenkie fix? (40:40), Adrien Rabiot (43:30), Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (46:10), Lineup for Brentford (47:45)

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