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Simon Rhee was born in San Jose, CA but spent his childhood in Seoul, Korea where he started his
martial arts training.

He is a stuntman, stunt coordinator, fight choreographer and actor.

Master Simon Rhee is a World TKD Kukkiwon Certified 7th degree Black Belt.

He won 2 Taurus World Stunt Awards. He has received 6 Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations.

His IMDB credits total over 200. including over 80 acting roles.

Including : The Dark Knight Rises, Tropic Thunder, The Italian Job, Rush Hour 1-3, Walker Texas Ranger
Martial Law, Blade, Spawn and of course one of the most iconic martial arts movies of the 80’s
(and it’s sequel) of my all-time favorite movies, Best of The Best in which he portrays Dae Han Park.

Please enjoy his story.

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