Solving for the customer with an all-in-one approach

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In this episode, Aditya and Yaag discuss how despite the plethora of SaaS tools available today, customers still end up having broken experiences. They discuss what it means to really solve for the customer, with an all-in-one approach. ➡️ Key Points⁣ covered 01:14 - The philosophy behind 'why we take an all-in-one approach" 02:20 - The unconventional wisdom that truly helps startups in their early stages 03:15 - Learning from customer workflows 04:00 - Why solving for workflows is important for SMB and mid-market 04:50 - All-in-one doesn't mean several problems randomly 06:24 - All-in-one isn't solving for different customers, but adjacent problems of your core customers 10:10 - Example 1: Solving for meeting workflows 15:10 - Visionary, evolutionary and expansionary approaches to solving customer workflows 19:38 - The scope of best-in-breed solutions 21:58 - Key takeaways 22:40 - The art is in identifying the 20% pains that impact 80% of the outcome 26:20 - The philosophy goes beyond software platforms ➡️ The Modern SaaS Podcast Take a look at our other podcast episodes - ➡️ Related resource

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