DoK Talks #145 - Making Hard Things Easy is Hard // Kurt Rinehart

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Kurt Rinehart - Director of Information Engineering, Section
Bart Farrell - Head of Community, Data on Kubernetes Community

Making complicated things simple is a prime objective of technology. In addition to technical challenges there is an interfacing challenge. At Section we're automating all dimensions of hosting containerized workloads and solving the "location challenge" is one aspect of this. Making it simple to get the locations you want evokes many trade-offs and can collide with past habits that may no longer be suitable.


Dr. Kurt Rinehart is the Director of Information Engineering at Section. Kurt holds a PhD in Natural Resource Management, specialising in applying quantitative decision analysis to complex conservation problems. After working as a quantitative consultant, Kurt found and fell in love with startup life and Section. His current responsibilities include designing, developing, and managing autonomic computing systems and providing analytics and data science support across every facet of Section.

Kurt is married with 2 kids and a dog, and plays guitar for The Intolerables (


- Good agile practice and feedback loops is critical.
- "Trust but verify" is a good philosophy to keep in mind.
- When developers are your users, there are extra challenges in finding the happy balance.

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