How I leverage both live launching and evergreen - A Launch Debrief

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I recently live launched my evergreen program, and in today’s episode, I am breaking down the results of that launch!

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How I was able to make $841 before the launch even started
  • My new launch mechanism strategy that is converting like gangbusters
  • Why live launching AND evergreen together is the secret to success

Here are all the numbers from the episode:

The offer:

$297 Course

$30/mo upsell with DFY templates

Launch Mechanism:

5-day live series

Total Leads: 297

Total Ad Spend: $1482.20

Leads from ads: 165

Cost per lead: $8.89

VIP upgrade $29

  • Chance to win program
  • Access to recordings of the 5 days
  • Bonus masterclass

VIP sales: 29 $841

Conversion rate: 9.7%

VIP to BOB: 15 or 52%

Total Leads: 297

Total Sales: 75

Sales from Leads: 25

Challenge Conversion Rate: 8.4

Sales from past Evergreen leads: 50

Upsells to membership: 23

Upsell conversion rate: 31%

Total Revenue 23,359

Total Cash Received: 10,369

Total Profit: $21,876.80

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