Charlie Crist May Hate You, Fauci Runs for Cover, Biden's Loan Forgiveness, Pelosi's White Privilege

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Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida Doctor Tommy and Nurse Tracy break down Crist vs. DeSantis and Trump and DeSantis as potential running mates in 2024. Why did the CDC offer a mea culpa, Dr. Fauci announce his retirement, and Democrats start blaming Trump for rushing the vaccine all within a matter of days? Is there something coming down the pike about Covid that we don't know? Charlie Crist says he doesn't want anybody who supports DeSantis voting for him because they have "hate in their heart." What a guy. Paul Pelosi has real white privilege, white liberal elite privilege. So does Fauci. So does Hillary. Biden is screwing over a bunch of hard-working people with the student loan forgiveness all so he can get a few votes for Dems in 2022. Meanwhile those who paid off loans or those who didn't go to school because they didn't think it made financial sense get to pay off these loans through higher taxes. And what about people who are going to school in the future, where is their handout? There is a new booster shot coming, are you going to get it? It's being approved as a emergency use authorization even though we have had covid for 2 yrs+ now. Why are more people joining concierge medicine and direct primary care practices? Short answer: their current experience sucks and they want better, and are willing to pay cash for it.

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