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When Melissa Baldwin’s not kickin’ the doors in and raisin’ hell at your favorite local watering holes with her classic rock n’ roll cover act, Spin Off, she’s likely movin’ real estate in Harford County and beyond. She not only brings a wealth of musical experience to the Mouthful of Graffiti podcast, but she may just hold the secrets to a life well-lived.

I’ve grown close to the Baldwins over the years and know family is even more important to them than careers or passion projects. She’s a remarkable woman with an entrepreneurial punk rock heart and I couldn’t be happier to have her on the show. We’d all be wise to learn a thing or two from this powerhouse vocalist from the Free State. Join me welcoming Melissa Baldwin to THE MOG!
#music #rocknroll #alternative #jam #blues #jazz
Special thanks to: Double Groove Brewing, Vagabond Sandwich Company, Music Land Store, Heather Sipes - Baltimore Decal Gal, Black Eyed Suzie's, REB Records-MD & Caprichos Books

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