Kiril Sokoloff: “What’s the Most Important Question in Today’s World?”

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On this episode, we meet with legendary financial icon Kiril Sokoloff to take a bird’s eye view of the global energy/financial situation.

Why is the financial community so complacent about peak oil and the relationship between increasing energy scale and growth? Can we make predictions about the future by looking back at history?

Kiril shares his professional experiences with scenario planning, disruption, and investing as well as his passion for history and the practice of Buddhism to influence and inform decision making and life.

About Kiril Sokoloff:

Kiril is an investor, a researcher, and long-time editor of the highly respected weekly publication “13D – What I Learned this Week”. For 50 years he has predicted major inflection points in energy and commodity prices correctly including 1980, 2002, and 2008 and recently stated sanctions on Russia will result in economic suicide for Europe.

Kiril is active in philanthropy in areas of healthcare, education, and the scaling of human consciousness.

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