Healthy Nutrition Nudges: Foods That Can Approve Sleep

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healthy-nutrition-nudges-foods-that-can-approve-sleepIf only you could get a decent night's sleep. I'm sure you're all thinking about it. but did you know your nutrition affects every single part of your body and day, including how well you sleep? So today's episode is all about eating so you can have a great night's sleep.
Chef Abbie is joining us for this conversation, in her monthly installment of Healthy Nutrition Nudges. Chef Abbie has been a Registered Dietitian for more than a decade, and a chef for twice as long as that. She is also the author of "The Mediterranean DASH Diet."
Listen as these ladies talk about the best foods & nutrients for sleep (magnesium, milk, teas) and some sleep hygiene tips (no alcohol before bed, honoring your clock) to keep you knocked out all night.
Tune in on the first Thursday of each month for tips from Chef Abbie, right here on HER.

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