218: Scale Tales | Ease, Grace, Joy - How Marguerite Orane Coaches Executive Leaders for Sustainable Growth

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Did you know that joy has financial value? Specifically, happy employees have 31% higher productivity, their sales are 37% higher and they’re three times more creative. Marguerite Orane leverages these stats as part of making her case for joy in the workplace.

As an executive leadership coach, facilitator, and public speaker, she empowers executives and their teams to imbue joy in their work so that they can scale their organizations without sacrificing themselves and their families in the process.

Healthy family relationships are particularly important to Marguerite. Her first leadership role at the tender age of 23 found her as her father’s boss in their family-owned manufacturing business. The experience of leading a 70-employee all-male group, navigating unions and erratic business cycles during a time of unrest in Jamaica, and ultimately selling the business to ensure her parents retired financially secure, left her feeling depleted, traumatized, and…free!

In this episode, Marguerite describes her journey from running a family-owned business to working in other businesses, and ultimately starting her own coaching business - a business that allows her the freedom and flexibility to lead with ease, grace, and joy. She also shares why her experience as an MBA student at Harvard Business School was the therapy she needed to release the pain and make room for profit.

Discover the business infrastructure she’s put in place to ensure she has a team aligned to her company’s joy-based mission with proven processes that generate the results required to take already successful organizations to even higher heights.

📝 Access Marguerite’s Resources & Show Notes: https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/218-scale-tales-ease-grace-joy-how-marguerite-orane-coaches-executive-leaders-for-sustainable-growth

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