NFL- Tom Brady Crushes the Cowboys, Patrick Mahomes Leads Chiefs Over Cards - GAME TIME

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The Game Time dynamic duo The Outlaw John Rocha and King SWAG Winston A. Marshall are back to kick off the 2022 NFL season with the first Game Time episode of the season! They talk all the big news from Week 1 in the NFL including Tom Brady and the Bucs crushing the Cowboys with a Dak Prescott injury to boot, the Chiefs announcing they are back by destroying the Cardinals, the Bills announcing their Super Bowl intentions by dismantling the Rams, Jow Burrow causing 5 turnovers in a loss to the Steelers, Aaron Rodgers needing help in Green Bay, the Pats losing to the Fins, and the rest of the NFL games!
The Outlaw and Winston A. Marshall deliver their unfiltered takes on all these stories.
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